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About Us

The Janesville Figure Skating Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing figure skating. Donations and sponsorships are welcomed year-round to keep our members on the ice. We train several times a week and are always looking for new members and qualified coaches. Our club membership is open to anyone of any age, including non-skaters.

For more information on the benefits of being a club member, CLICK HERE

Types of Memberships

  • Introductory (First time USFSA members only) – $80
  • Junior Membership (Under 18 years old, plus one parent) – $135
  • Additional Family Member (with Junior membership) – $24
  • Senior Membership (Over 18 years old, non-collegiate, yearly membership) — $100
  • Collegiate STANDARD, 4-Year Membership (Requires 50% participation in all fundraisers. Allowed one program in Spice on Ice.) – $125
  • Collegiate EXEMPT, 4-Year Membership (Not required to participate in fundraisers) – $250
  • Active JFSC Registered Coach (Coaches a minimum of 1 JFSC member) – $40
  • Non-active Registered Coach (Needs club affiliation, but does not coach a JFSC member) – $80
  • Associate Coach (Coaches a minimum of 1 JFSC member, but primary club is elsewhere) – $30
  • Associate Member (Primary club is elsewhere, but want to participate in JFSC events. Requires 50% participation in all fundraisers. Allowed one program in Spice on Ice.) – $60

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Mailing address:
Janesville Figure Skating Club
821 Beloit Avenue
Janesville, WI 53545

2017 -2018 Janesville Figure Skating Club Board of Directors:

President – Tracy Hegg
Vice President – Becka Matteson
Secretary – Carleen Courtney/Lisa Greco
Treasurer – Alyssa Higginbotham

Board Members
Lisa Greco
Andrea Donelson
Sami Lampe

Fundraising – Alyssa Higginbotham
Publicity – Tracy Hegg
Webmaster – Tracy Hegg
Membership Chair –  Tracy Hegg
Test Chair – Carleen Courtney
Spice on Ice Chair –  Andrea Donelson

Polar Express Learn to Skate
Jeff and Jean Smecko: learntoicesk8@gmail.com