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Skater’s Code of Conduct

The Janesville Figure Skating Club is in existence to provide a positive, successful, ongoing experience for all skaters through the competitive levels of figure skating testing and competition.

Skater’s Pledge: On a daily basis, I will put my best foot forward, respect others around me and when outside our arena, will be responsible for my behavior and actions in order to best represent Janesville Figure Skating Club, Janesville Ice Arena and myself.

As a skater, I will:

  • Treat all skaters with respect.
  • Treat all coaches with respect.
  • Follow all freestyle rules set forth by JFSC and Janesville Ice Arena regarding playing music, taking turns and giving respect to the person skating their program
  • Follow all rules set forth by Janesville Ice Arena at all times.
  • Encourage other skaters.
  • Be engaged in my practice and lessons, maintaining a high work ethic and positive attitude.
  • Be on time for my practice sessions. I will not leave the ice without informing a parent or coach.
  • Have respect to other’s equipment, including JFSC equipment such as harnesses and off ice equipment.
  • Promote and participate in JFSC activities and events.
  • Remember that judges and officials are volunteers – they give their time and selves to provide positive skating experiences. I will refrain from blaming judges and officials for a poor performance or results I do not agree with. I will trust my coach to help me improve based on my performance.
  • Not engage in any conduct which is designed to harass another skater, skating parent, or coach.
  • Not participate in making groundless accusations to any other members.