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Ice Monitor Responsibilities

  • One adult in the box at a time unless training someone, then just 2
  • Put the orange belts out for use by everyone doing their program
  • Make a list of skaters or facilitate the skaters making the list on the Plexiglas
  • After a short warm up (5 minutes) start playing skaters’ music in order
    1. Each skater will have only one program played during their turn and they must wait for their turn again for a second program to be played after all other skaters have had a turn.
    2. The skater whose is first in line should start their music approximately five minutes into the session or risk losing their turn.
    3. Programs may be withheld for a lesson and played at the pro’s request.  Skaters are encouraged to do this if they know they will have a lesson.
    4. A pro request is honored twice per freestyle session per skater, if a lesson is being given.  If the music was withheld for the lesson and not played, that skater’s music will go to the front of the line after the lesson. Special consideration for learning new programs.
    5. If a skater is called for their program, and declines or is off the ice, they will lose their turn and their music goes to the back of the line.
    6. It is the responsibility of the skater to know whom they follow in line.
    7. There are no “do-overs”.  If a skater’s program is started and they stop, they may not start over.